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Lanzarote Aluminium Windows and Doors

In recent years, the use of aluminium windows and doors across Lanzarote has become incredibly popular. Homeowners and commercial properties alike are now opting for aluminium options rather than the more traditional wood and plastic options.

Here at Natura Design, our experts are able to provide a full design and installation process for your property. We utilise the highest quality of aluminium possible, ensuring you can enjoy the most long-lasting and durable solutions possible.

Why use aluminium in Lanzarote?

As the quality of aluminium products improved, many homeowners and property owners began to utilise aluminium doors and windows. As more people discover the benefits that come from using aluminium, these options are quickly becoming the dominant style in Lanzarote.

Aluminium is incredibly lightweight, which makes it ideal for door and window frames. The material is significantly lighter than wood, while it is also far more durable. Aluminium is resistant to corrosion, which means it can withstand constant exposure to the elements. This makes it a stronger solution than wood or plastic, which can be prone to rotting or warping over time.

Aluminium products also look fantastic, giving properties a contemporary and stylish appearance. It is also 100% recyclable, which means it is a highly sustainable solution for those property owners looking to lower their carbon footprint.

Want to discover the benefits of aluminium?

If you are looking to discover the benefits of adding aluminium windows and doors to your Lanzarote property, Natura Design is here to help you. With several decades of experience, our expert team is able to help you design and install the perfect doors and windows for your property.

We work closely with every client, creating a bespoke solution designed to meet your needs, so get in touch today to find out how we can help you.

Lanzarote Aluminium Windows

If you are looking to install the highest quality aluminium windows to your home or property, our Natura Design team is here to help you. Removing your old frames and installing new Lanzarote aluminium windows is a complex and time-consuming process that requires specialist knowledge.

Our highly experienced team has decades of experience working on both new constructions and renovations, so we can help you transform your property.

Natura Design Lanzarote aluminium windows

Aluminium windows lanzarote

When it comes to aluminium windows, we offer a wide range of styles, ensuring you can always find the perfect solution for your home. No matter the size or design you are after, we will be able to create the ideal match, and we offer every opening option possible, including hinged, tilt and turn and sliding aluminium windows.

All of our aluminium windows come powder coated to maximise their durability, and our lightweight frames are incredibly long-lasting. We can configure them to meet your sizing and requirements, giving your home a stylish contemporary aesthetic.

To enhance your comfort, we offer both single and double glazing options while we also utilise safety glass. This strong and toughened glass is perfect for use in both residential and commercial properties, ensuring the glass does not break upon impact. Instead, it shatters into small square cubes, helping to reduce the risk of cuts or serious injury.

Looking for Lanzarote aluminium windows?

Your windows are one of the most important aspects of your property, and our highly experienced team is here to help you. We pride ourselves on offering the very best service possible, designing and installing the highest quality aluminium windows on the market.

No matter the size or style of Lanzarote aluminium windows you are after, our team can create the perfect solution, so get in touch to find out more.

Aluminium Doors 

Your doors are one of the most important parts of your property. They are the gateway into your home, so it is only natural that you want to give guests the very best welcome with high-quality doors. In recent years, aluminium doors have become some of the most popular solutions on the market for both residential and commercial properties.

At Natura Design, we specialise in providing the very best Lanzarote aluminium doors. Our expert team has decades of experience in transforming and renovating properties across Puerto Calero and the wider area of Lanzarote.

The Natura Design Lanzarote aluminium doors

We know that no two properties are the same, which is why we offer a huge array of options. No matter the style of aluminium door you are looking for, our team will be able to help you. We provide every type of opening, including hinged patio doors, bi-fold patio doors and sliding patio doors.

Lanzarote aluminium windowsThis ensures you will always be able to create the perfect design for your home. Our clients are also able to choose between single and double glazing glass, while all of our designs utilise toughened glass to maximise your safety. This glass is incredibly tough, helping to keep your loved ones safe by reducing the risk of it breaking and shattering.

Looking for Lanzarote aluminium doors?

If you want to discover the many benefits that come from installing Lanzarote aluminium doors, our Natura Design team is here to help you. We pride ourselves on our expert craftsmanship and friendly approach, designing bespoke solutions that have been created to meet your exact needs.

So no matter whether you are building a new villa or looking to renovate an older property, we can help you install the very best aluminium doors possible. Get in touch with our team to find out more.

Aluminium Pergolas

If you are looking to transform your garden, then installing an aluminium pergola is one of the best ways of creating a truly unique space. These beautiful additions are a quick and cost effective solution to upgrading your garden, and our highly experienced team is able to help you create the perfect aluminium pergola for your home.

pergolasWith decades of experience in helping residential and commercial clients, we specialise in transforming your property. Our dedicated team has a proven track record of success, and we pride ourselves on our customer service. We know no two spaces are the same, which is why we take the time to understand your needs before creating a bespoke solution designed just for you.

Why install an aluminium pergola?

If you are looking to escape the summer sun, or you want to prevent a rain shower from ruining your next BBQ, an aluminium pergola is a perfect option. Here at Natura Design, we offer our customers the very highest quality pergolas on the market, creating tailored solutions around your garden.

Aluminium is fast becoming one of the go-to solutions for pergolas, thanks to its incredible strength, low weight and durability. Coming in an array of styles, we offer clients both fixed coverings at 0°, 15°, 30° or 45° angling, ensuring you can find the perfect solution. We also offer motorised louvered opening slats, allowing you to position them to maximise the light and ventilation.

Looking for aluminium pergolas?

If you are looking to transform your garden and discover the many benefits that come from installing an aluminium pergola, our team is here to help you. Covering the whole of Puerto Calero and the wider Lanzarote area, Natura Design has helped hundreds of homeowners to create a beautiful and unique space in their homes.

With over 30 years of experience, our team is able to help you with any of your construction needs, so get in touch today to find out more.

Louvered Window Shutters

Louvered window shutters are one of the most effective methods of transforming your property. Not only are they able to enhance the visual appeal of your property, but they can also provide your home with a wide range of benefits.

Here at Natura Design, we specialise in providing a wide array of construction and installation services to clients across Lanzarote. With over three decades of experience in working on new construction and home renovations, our dedicated team can help you install the perfect louvered shutters for your property.

Why use Natura Design louvered window shutters?

To ensure your louvered shutters are working as effectively as designed, they need to be installed correctly. Our experienced team utilises the highest quality materials and installation techniques to give you a beautiful and functional home.

Installing louvered window shutters will allow you to open your windows at night while still ensuring the property protected by keeping the shutters closed. This will ensure you can enjoy a constant flow of fresh air through the property, keeping it cooler.

All of our louvered shutters are designed to be installed on doors and windows, fixing directly to the outside of the frame. We offer customers a choice of fixed louvers and adjustable louvers. The adjustable option can completely block daylight when closed and can also be used in conjunction with mosquito netting and roller blinds.

Looking for louvered window shutters?

If you are looking to install louvered shutters in your home, our experienced Natura Design team is here to help you. We specialise in the design and installation of innovative solutions for your home, and we have helped dozens of homeowners transform their property.

We pride ourselves on our unique and friendly approach, and with over three decades of experience, we guarantee the highest quality of craftsmanship. So if you want to find out more, get in touch with our team today.

Glass balustrades for Lanzarote

View Crystal Balustrade

Lanzarote aluminium windows and balustrades

Balustrading System

» Minimal balustrade system
» State of the art design


This balustrade system enables 12 glazing possibilities: a double glass of 10, 8, or 6 mm joined by up to 4 polyvinyl butyral of 0.38 mm. The use of tempered glass is recommended.

Classic Balustrade

Lanzarote aluminium windows

» Glass Balustrade System with the free top edge
» This system may be assembled above the slab or in front of the slab

» Handrail possibilities

Square – 60 mm. width
Circular – 66 mm diameter
Elliptical – 80 mm. external  perimeter

» Maximum dimensions between balusters (mullions)

1.000 mm

» Minimum height

900 mm

Aluminium Colours & Textures

Powder Coating

The powder coating process consists of covering the aluminium with a layer of organic coating. The painting of aluminium with powder paint is made through an electrostatic deposition and its subsequent polymerisation in an oven at a temperature that reaches up to 200ºC. This process converts it into a highly resistant surface, resistant to severe atmospheric conditions.

» Standard chart – RAL Chart

» Textured colours

» Metallic colours

» Antibacterial colours


With this process, an artificial increase of up to a thousand times the thickness of the natural aluminium oxide coating is achieved, obtaining great protection against corrosion and abrasion. Aluminium own properties regarding resistance and durability are increased considerably using this surface treatment, converting it in, this way, an ideal material for use in sea zones and places under the influence of hard climatic conditions.

» 13 colours

» More than 110 finishes

PVC Colours


PVC windows are available, in addition to white, in a wide range of wood imitation textures and colours, in continuous development.

The application of wood and colour textures is done by coating the base profile with a heat-sealable paper of high resistance to solar radiation, thus ensuring a perfect and long-lasting finish.

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