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We are a construction company with over 25 years of building experience in Lanzarote, Canary Islands. English run, we employ many local tradesmen. Our dedicated team of builders are highly skilled and experienced and have worked alongside us for many years.

We have a proven track record within our trade and specialise in the design and build of new villas, full renovation projects and swimming pools.

Renovation project Villa Alcalde, pictured above

We Provide a Complete Service from Design to Construction

Natura Design specialise in the design and build of one-off luxury villas specifically to our client’s requirements. By working together, we can develop your ideas and design your perfect property. We will guide you through all aspects of the process ensuring a smooth, well-managed project.

Building your own home in Lanzarote

The Island – Why Lanzarote? There is no doubt that Lanzarote is one of the most popular destinations for anyone looking for a healthy lifestyle in the sun with its year-round sunny climate, mild winters and normally not too hot summers. Often called the “Islands of eternal spring” or “Islas Fortunadas” (the fortunate Islands). Less than a four-hour flight from the U.K., Lanzarote can boast a wealth of natural lunar landscape, a wide range of leisure activities including, cycling, sailing, fishing, diving, and hiking, to name just a few. Lanzarote offers a good educational system up to A level in its British schools, an excellent health care infrastructure with an advanced communications network. Inter-Island flights are very cheap for residents which makes visiting the other Canary Islands is a must.

The Advantages of Building your own home.

There are many advantages to designing and building your own villa. Firstly, you can choose your location, find the best views and position your new villa where you want it. Then of course you can build in all those design features you have always dreamed of, whether it’s an ultra-modern look you’re after or a rustic styled house with lots of character. You can design in swimming pools with waterfalls, areas for entertaining guests, BBQ’s, decking, timbered floors and ceilings, ensuite bathrooms and walk-in wardrobes just to name a few. The possibilities are endless.

Finding the right Plot of Land

Lanzarote offers some great opportunities to buy and develop land, whether you are looking for land in one of the three main tourist resorts or further out in the countryside. There are also plots available in the exclusive areas around the Islands two Marinas: Puerto Calero (near Puerto Del Carmen) and Puerto Rubicon (Playa Blanca) and the Golf courses of Costa Teguise and Tias, depending upon availability. We work closely with the Islands main Estate Agents making it easier for us to help you find the right plot of land for your requirements. It is also possible to purchase land that already has a project, this will save time and it is always possible to make alterations if you are not completely happy with the design

Designing Your Home

Natura Design work closely with Lanzarote’s top architects and designers. We start by creating the Initial design, this would establish your individual specifications and budget and produce an architectural concept with provisional plans and costing. Then we move on to detailed plans and costing prepared for client approval. This includes all licenses and insurance’s, landscaping, technical fees and building costs. A detailed Architects project is then submitted to the College of Architects to be certified and then presented to the local Town Hall planning office for license approval, when approved they will issue the building license and then the building can begin.

The Construction Process

The new villa construction will be overseen by the Architect who drew up the plans and an Independent Quantity Surveyor will be allocated to oversee the project; both will make regular visits to the site to check that building standards are being adhered to.

Time Scale

Drawing up plans can take up to 3 months depending on alterations and client availability for meetings. The plans are then submitted to the College of Architects which will take approximately one month. The Town Hall will then take at least three months to approve the plans and issue the building license. The actual construction of the villa will normally take an additional twelve to sixteen months to complete, depending on the size of the project. These time scales are only approximations and can vary.

Complete Renovation Services

Property refurbishment is one of the most important parts of property investment. Planning for the property refurbishment must start early. Natura Design will assist in the process from the start, with obtaining planning permission from the local council, getting the required permits, to carrying out all the required works.

We specialise in refurbishments and renovations, renovations of old Lanzarote farmhouses “fincas“, replacement doors and windows, wooden pergolas, bathroom installations, fitted kitchens, outside patio areas and swimming pool renovations including re fiber-glassing.

Lanzarote renovations

Large property renovation

We believe that the renovation of your Lanzarote property isn’t just about construction. It’s about realising your vision and dreams. We do it without fuss or stress, so you can enjoy the project. It’s why we take the time to get to know and understand you. We know a home is more than just bricks and mortar – it says everything about who you are.

Swimming pools built by Natura Design

We design and build swimming pools to the specific requirements of each individual customer, to fit in with the design of their homes and the space available.

When you make the decision to incorporate a swimming pool into your home garden you will find that you have an almost unlimited choice of styles, sizes and designs to choose from. You will need to consider who will be using it, will it be used as a fun pool for the kids or as an exercise pool for swimming laps? How much space do you have available and, perhaps one of the most important factors, how much is your budget?

Lanzarote swimming pool builders

Concrete pools are built to last

  • Concrete pools offer greater design flexibility than pre-moulded swimming pools.
  • The ideal choice for those looking for an individual swimming pool design for their home.
  • Designed for challenging sites such as those with limited patio of garden space.
  • The ability to individually design a concrete pool means we can add water features, seats, planters or even a spa.
  • Concrete pools can take on any form including L-Shaped, Geometric, Free-form, Lap Pools and Spas.

Using solid blocks in the construction of our swimming pools, with a fiberglass or Pebble pool finish gives us the flexibility to build any size or shaped pool or Spa. This is the time-tested way of building swimming pools in the Canary Islands. All our pools come with pumps and filters installed by qualified plumbers and electricians.

Swimming pool heating

Swimming pool heating for Lanzarote.  You have the option of solar pool heating which is the most cost-effective way of heating a pool, or you can install a heat pump which uses electricity and will keep your pool warm even in the coldest months of December and January, when a solar pool heating system will struggle to keep the water temperature high. A pool cover is usually used in conjunction with pool heating, this will stop heat loss during the night which will save costs.

Saltwater Chlorinators

The electrolytic technology turns ordinary table salt into a regenerating supply of pure chlorine, automatically. This process leaves you with pool water that is clean, clear and luxuriously soft.

Enjoy the best pool water quality available – automatically and hassle-free. When you use a salt chlorinator, there will be no more buying, storing, or transporting factory-created chlorine compounds. Eliminate red burning eyes, dry itchy skin, and powerful chlorine odours.


Natura Design aims to create a bathroom just for you, tailored to your every need. We focus on exceptional design experience, the finest fittings and most innovative products, to provide you with unique, indulgent bathroom solutions.

Discover Roca bathrooms, to find design inspiration, and innovative solutions, technology, and sustainable development. Their ‘Ideas and tips’ section provides Bathroom Concepts for designer bathrooms, bathroom suites, bathroom furniture, showers, taps, baths, shower enclosures and bathroom cabinets. Roca is the leading supplier of bathroom supplies on the island.

We listen to your own requirements and always pay attention to detail to deliver a complete personal service designed with only you in mind.

A kitchen you will love for a lifetime

Lots of storage, a huge countertop, lots of lighting and, why not, an island in the middle. Now your dream kitchen is closer than you think. Our stunning kitchen projects feature functional and luxury kitchens. They demonstrate how a bespoke kitchen will entirely transform your space, your home, your life!

Which kitchen finish? Which worktop? What kitchen lighting? Which taps? There are so many choices but with our help and our knowledge of the latest smart appliances and the best kitchen materials, together we can achieve the right combination.

Aluminium Windows and Doors by Natura Design

It is recommended that an expert be consulted when replacing your aluminium windows. This is not a do-it-yourself project, while removing your old windows and installing new ones may seem like an easy job, it is typically not. It is extremely important to make sure that the windows and doors are installed correctly. For example, as experts, we will remove your old windows and doors and replace them with made to measure replacements, using the same design if needed or design new modern aluminium doors and windows. We will make repairs to any masonry work, including enlarging structural openings and repaint the walls leaving the property as good as new.

Powder Coating

Powder coating leaves a highly resistant surface, resistant to severe atmospheric conditions, a process that covers the aluminium with an organic coating.


With this process, an artificial increase of up to a thousand times the thickness of the normal aluminium oxide coating is achieved. Ideal for seaside properties.

  • Standard chart – RAL Chart
  • Textured colours
  • Metallic colours
  • Antibacterial colours

Advantages of aluminium frames

  • Slim Profile
  • Durable
  • Narrow sight lines
  • Low Maintenance
  • Light yet strong

Windows and doors can be configured into a wide variety of combinations. The narrowness of the frame places the focus on the glass and subsequently, the view it offers. Multi-panel door systems are often made with aluminium frames to facilitate indoor/outdoor living.

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