Villa Renovation Ideas in 2021

Villa renovation includes redecorating, improving, redesigning, or extending your property. Renovation helps you as a villa owner to add value to your property, improve your lifestyle, enhance appearance and appeal, and increase your sense of overall satisfaction.

Remember that refurbishment can create more space, preserve your villa culture, and reduce energy consumption. The purpose is to bring your villa up to the latest technical standards by enhancing your living comfort and indoor climate. Here are a few ideas!

Plan Central Heating and Cooling for your Villa Renovation

During the planning stage of your villa renovation, focus on the underfloor ducted central heating and cooling. Comfort, coziness, and warmth during the cold winter months will make your villa a pleasant place to live than an unheated one.

While you can install premium-quality insulation in your villa, you will still experience cold without proper heating solutions. Similarly, an air condition system or HVAC system will cool your villa and improve indoor air quality by eliminating environmental pathogens, including airborne and surfaced pollutants.

Reposition your Bedrooms

Experts recommend considering the position of your villa bedrooms, particularly the master bedroom. The bedrooms in a villa are often all off a central hallway. If you want to stay close to your young children, make sure your bedrooms are side-by-side.

In addition, positioning your bedroom will lead to a future-proof villa. Make sure the master bedroom is away from your kids’ bedrooms to maintain your privacy. Although this may not seem like a substantial deal now, you will be thankful you did this once your kids grow and become teenagers.

Create Generous Walk-in Wardrobes

Villas often have wardrobes squeezed into the master bedroom, leading to less space for your items to fit into the walk-in robe. Hire an experienced wardrobe contractor to discuss your plans and get a preliminary design.

The purpose is to achieve the goal of having enough storage space. You can always change your plans in the future. Create a list of items you want to store in these wardrobes to ensure they fit adequately.

Create More Storage

Carrying out a villa renovation project allows you to have enough storage space, facilitating your family members in the coming years. Most often, villas are somewhat lacking in the storage space or department.

Although you may have storage for linen in your hall cupboard, there is often a lack of allowance for the mop, broom, vacuum, ironing board, and other essential items. That’s the reason villa owners squeeze these items somewhere else.

Moreover, we recommend planning a separate laundry space to ensure all the stuff goes in there. Make a list of everything you want to store and review your plans to determine if there are enough cupboards to fit everything. You can also consider an attic storage space if you wish to store items for a long time.

Add a Powder Room

Hire a professional villa renovation designer to discuss your plans. Ask the designer or architect to see if he/she can work a powder room in your villa renovation plan. The purpose is to facilitate your guests, preventing them from using your family bathrooms.

Because family bathrooms are not as tidy as you want, especially if you have young children at home, creating a powder room brings style, glamour, and aesthetics. It also increases your property’s resale value.

Villa Renovation Final Words

By renovating your villa using the ideas given above, you can create a living space that offers comfort, reliability, style, modernity, and safety. Your remodeling project also improves your villa’s functionality, making your life more comfortable and convenient. Although you can find hundreds of villa renovation ideas online, the ones given above are simple, minimalistic, modern, and cost-effective.