Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Bathroom renovation is an important project for homeowners, allowing them to create a more efficient space, reduce strain on the environment, save money in the long run, and increase home value. Remodeling or renovating your bathroom allows you to replace old pipes and fixtures, leading to reduced water usage and decreased electricity consumption.

Generally, bathroom renovation refers to renewing, updating, or installing fixtures, including showers, bathtubs, tiles, sinks, toilets, surrounds, vanities, flooring, and towel bars. Bear in mind that the modern bathroom has faded the idea of utilitarianism. Instead, it is a place to retreat for rejuvenation and relaxation.

Renovating your bathroom with modern designs can create a luxurious experience, allowing you to increase your home resale value. So, what are the best bathroom renovation ideas in 2021? In today’s article, we will answer this question and list the five best modern bathroom renovation ideas. Read on!

Focus on Practical Storage Solutions

Storage plays a crucial role in modern bathrooms, and homeowners focus more on creative storage solutions due to the floating vanity trend that continues in 2021. Experts recommend installing vertical storage solutions, such as floating shelves and built-in cabinets.

In addition, focus on minimalism by storing essential items and throwing out the clutter. The purpose is to keep your modern bathroom simple, beautiful and improve its overall aesthetics.

Expand Your Bathroom Renovation for Spaciousness

Many homeowners in the western hemisphere use bathrooms as spas for relaxation, meaning they tend to increase the size of their bathrooms. Newly constructed homes have larger bathrooms, and renovation projects in 2021 focus more on creating spacious bathrooms.

If you want to expand your bathroom, you can use the neighboring room or closet space. However, because the increased bathroom footprint is a growing and popular trend, you must hire a professional contractor to give you detailed ideas. That way, you can create ample space for storage according to your dressing and bathing requirements.

Invest in Smart Technology Devices

Innovative technology has revolutionized living spaces. For instance, you can control your HVAC system remotely and monitor your home 24/7 using a smartphone app. Smart technology and IoT offer a wide range of applications for residential and commercial property owners.

Anyway, you can invest in voice control technology or gadgets for lighting, sound systems, and faucets because these are trending in 2021. Smart mirrors with built-in lighting are another innovative smart feature for modern bathrooms. You can use these mirrors to brighten or darken the space based on your needs.

Besides, motion sensors continue to make their way into modern bathrooms, so investing in this feature will yield higher returns on investments (ROIs) and increase your home resale value. Moreover, automatic toilets and faucets can help save water and offer hands-free usability.

Improve the Overall Design with Ceramics

Ceramic is an excellent material for modern bathroom renovation. Not only does ceramic offer aesthetics, but it is also a durable and versatile material available in a wide range of shapes, patterns, and colors. Thus, it is a viable option for many homeowners to stylize their bathrooms.

In addition, you can use ceramic for flooring and overall design, including wall covering, shower tiles, backsplashes, etc. Experts recommend mixing numerous shapes, patterns, and colors to create a personalized and modern bathroom.

Compartmentalized Spaces

A dedicated water space is a growing trend in modern bathroom designs, allowing homeowners to house the tub and shower in the same area. However, renovators use a glass wall or partition to separate the tub and shower from the rest of the room.

The purpose is to create compartmentalized spaces within your bathroom for improved functionality and usability. Many homeowners create modern designs by installing luxury fixtures like a rain shower head and a Toto soaker tub. If you want to create a compartmentalized space in your bathroom, enclose these fixtures with modern glass walls.

 Bathroom Renovation Final Words

Research shows that homeowners who renovate their bathrooms or update them according to the latest trends every 4-5 years will experience increased resale values. The ideas given above are simple, minimalistic, and modern.