The garage floors have been laid.

It is very important to get this right, any floor that is going to have cars driving over it must be laid correctly. First of all we set in uPVC expansion joints (not available in Lanzarote but can be ordered through TECNOL who will import them for you). These have a duel purpose, they are laid level so we can use them to level the concrete screed and they also act as expansion joints which stop the floor cracking. Any floor over 25msq should have them.

The concrete is ordered as ready mix, this is also important so that we have a good consistency of sand to cement mix. This is a a very strong mixture of HORMIGON HA-25/B/20llla. We must lay the floor quickly as we have to wait approx 4 hours for it to reach the correct consistency for us to polish out the lines left by the straightedge. We use a wet mixture of cement and compact-tuna on the hardened concrete surface while it it still slightly wet, this creates a really tough bonded surface that will not crumble under the wait of cars.