Swimming pools by Natura Design

By |2011-04-11T15:13:39+00:00April 11th, 2011|Finished pools, Hitesh, Pools Designs, Swimming Pools|

The swimming pools are now finished and full of water. The plumbing has been tested and the pool filters filled with sand and back-washed thoroughly to remove the finer sand. The chlorine and pH levels have been adjusted and a floculant added to remove any particles in the water.

Garage and Patio Doors

By |2010-01-28T18:00:27+00:00January 28th, 2010|Client's, Hitesh|

We have used up and over garage doors bought from Suministros Jose Luis Cabrera S.L. located in the industrial zone in Playa Blanca, they provide a very good installation service and always make return visits if you have any problems. The lower level patio doors have been installed and we have tiled the

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