Finished pools

Swimming pools by Natura Design

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The swimming pools are now finished and full of water. The plumbing has been tested and the pool filters filled with sand and back-washed thoroughly to remove the finer sand. The chlorine and pH levels have been adjusted and a floculant added to remove any particles in the water.

Clients Comments

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Client’s comment by Ron Martin at Natura Design constructed for us a large terrace with a swimming pool ,built a built in BBQ and a Jacuzzi room. From our first meeting when he took us to look at some of his work we felt very comfortable with his approach and attitude. The work was started

Swimming Pool by Natura Design

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This Swimming Pool and Patio area was built and designed by Natura Design in 2006, it is surrounded by a large tiled terrace which is in turn finished with a low natural stone wall in which we placed some large volcanic rocks. There is a water feature at one end.

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