Spas are good for your health

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Today, medical research confirms the traditional belief that putting yourself in hot water, literally, may keep your health out of it, metaphorically. Although studies are few and far between, most show definite health benefits from regular soaks in hot water, usually in temperatures between 100 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Whether relieving minor aches or managing

Electric Heat Pumps for Swimming Pools

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Electric swimming pool heat pumps take the heat out of the outside air and put it into the pool, generally producing three to five units of usable heat energy for every unit of electricity consumed. Why don't smaller heat pumps do well in cold weather? Colder weather requires the machines to run longer – Although

Pool Covers

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Swimming Pool Covers: Most swimming pool heat loss occurs at the surface. The least expensive way to maintain a warmer pool is by keeping a cover on the pool during the night time hours, when surface evaporation would otherwise cool the pool down. The cover stops this night time evaporation. Pool covers are not difficult

Solar Pool Heating Systems

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In these systems, pool water circulates through a large heat exchange surface, usually located on your roof, and absorbs the sun's energy. The principle is similar to the way your car radiator works, only these solar heat exchangers collect heat instead of radiating it. Most solar "collectors" are flat black panels manufactured from high technology

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

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I have just started to Import the Europac + heat pump for Swimming Pools "Great Value" EUROPAC+ heat pump A heat pump indirectly uses the sun’s energy by extracting calories from the air. It uses the same principles as an air conditioner. Although there is a running cost associated with using this type of heater,

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