Swimming Pools Lanzarote

Swiming Pool Designs

Pools for Recreational Use

If you plan to use your pool primarily to entertain children and friends, you may wish to consider a design that encourages water sports and makes food consumption and preparation easy.

Many pools today are designed with a shallow lounging area and a deep center, making it ideal for playing games such as volleyball. The Lanzarote climate is fantastic for entertaining outdoors so in addition, large decks, patios, and BBQ areas provide a space to socialize, prepare food, and eat.

Pools Designed for Exercise

Pools can also be designed exclusively for exercise. A pool devoted to exercise may be long and narrow a wave machine could be installed to give a current to swim against.

Also, pools designed for recreation can include features to enhance water-based exercise, such as wall-mounted exercise bars.

Pools Designed with Beauty in Mind

An increasing number of villa owners are looking at how pool design can enhance their outdoor environment. Infinity Pools with vanishing edges and perimeter overflow are particularly popular in pool design for its aesthetic qualities.

Perimeter overflow is also incorporated in pools designed for more utilitarian purposes; pools with perimeter overflow can be good for swimming, since overflow prevents the reverberation of waves.

Key Factors to Consider when Designing a Pool

Know what purpose your pool serves. Knowing what you want from the pool–recreation, relaxation, or just beauty–will probably be one of the biggest influencing factors in your pool’s design.