Natura Design. Since the end of last year the Euro has reached some record highs
against the Pound Sterling and the US Dollar. Inevitably the Lanzarote property market has been affected. On
December 19 2007, the GBP was worth almost Euro 1.40. Three months
later, it has gone down to Euro 1.28. This is a real reduction of 9.4%,
which means simply that property in Lanzarote and other Uropean countries has
become 9.4% more expensive for the British buyer.
But now selling a property in Lanzarote and sending the money back to
the UK as sterling you would have
gained 9.4% in extra profit. The smart investors who bought in Lanzarote
have another reason to be happy with their investment. The
Euro could be overtaking the dollar as the world’s major currency and
become stronger in the future.
Lanzarote property prices have become stable and in some cases have decreased. As a
result, the Lanzarote Property Market is more realistic to the foreign
investor, leaving room for growth & capital appreciation in the
future. Lanzarote property continues to be a good investment and a real
possibility for people who long to relocate to the warmer climate and for a different lifestyle.

By Natura Design