All the interventions that he did in city planning or architecture, almost always included sculptor element.

These sculptures did not have the continuity of “personal language”. Manrique would think them according to the places where they would be placed.

Each and every one of his sculptures has a different personality; one cannot detect a coherent and personal touch in his projects. It was the occasion and place that dictated his expressive forms. In every opportunity he used those materials that he thought more convenient

The “found object” is one of the elements used by Manrique in his sculptures, with the rearranging of pieces of shipwrecks (metal and wood) thrown by the waves to the beach.

Also the ocean and the found object in him would give him the idea for the construction of his most important sculpture: Fecundidad (1968), a “monument to the Lanzarote farmer”, 15 meters high, put together by the water deposits of the fishing boats in different sizes and positions. Some straight and curved lines whose variants give place to an abstract structure painted in white and raised in a rock platform. The symbolic function of water: scares element that has made the farmer´s work miserable. The heroic feat of the Lanzarote farmer capable of fecundating the dry soil with his efforts and tenacity.

An important part of César Manrique´s sculptures are his mobiles, WIND TOYS, that have a mention on their own.