Cèsar Manrique

César Manrique seven Island attractions

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César Manrique is renowned as one of the leaders of modern art in Spain. A painter, sculpture and architect he created the 7 tourist centres of Lanzarote. A passionate conservationist, he convinced the local government not to allow the construction of high buildings or the use of billboards in order to protect the natural beauty

César Manrique the Painter

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Painter, sculptor, painter, architect, landscaper, urbanist, environmentalist... César Manrique was each of these things and he mastered them all. "Before anything, I consider myself a painter". César Manrique and his first painting exhibition In 1942 he had his first painting exhibition in Arrecife. He was one of the pioneers of abstract art in Spain. In

César Manrique the Sculpture

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All the interventions that he did in city planning or architecture, almost always included sculptor element. These sculptures did not have the continuity of "personal language". Manrique would think them according to the places where they would be placed. Each and every one of his sculptures has a different personality; one cannot detect a coherent

César Manrique wind Mobiles

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An very important part of  César Manrique´s sculpture are his mobiles, which he called his Wind Toy. These are solid structures made from cast iron and sheet metal, they were made up of spheres, and circles, often establishing complicated opposing rotational movements. Manrique placed many of his Wind Toys, in different strategical sites all over

Architecture and Cèsar Manrique

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Who was Cèsar Manrique This question constituted during some time a topic of discussion, specially related with his architectural activity, of which some precise knowledge was denied to him. Cesar Manrique never entered in this game; he´d say about himself that he was an artist first and that he expressed himself at every moment with

The Cèsar Manrique Foundation

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The César Manrique Foundation is located in the studio-home that the artist lived in, situated in Taro de Tahiche (Lanzarote). It is probably the work that best represents Manrique's artistic and personal ideals. Built in 1968 on top of a volcanic trail from a volcanic eruption that occurred in 1730-36. It uses, in the lower

Cesar Manrique Biography

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Son o Francisca and Gumersindo  a typical middle class family originating from Fuerteventura. His father was a food merchant and his grandfather the notary. He also had a twin sister, another sister and a brother. Cèsar Manrique was schooled in Lanzarote He went on to study quantity surveying in Tenerife at La Laguna University, he

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