Hi Ron,

Here are some up to date pictures of the pool.

Water was delivered on Monday so work is cracking on again.

Water pump is fine.

The steel has been put in the pool base and the copper wire for the earth has been soldered to it with two one metre copper spikes driven in to the ground to insure a good earth for the electrics.

Each layer of blocks has a 12mm thick ring of metal going through it, the blocks are hollow and then filled with concrete. So in effect the blocks work as a shuttering for the steel and concrete walls of the swimming pool.

I have put in the two swimming pool lights, five inlet jets for the return of the water after filtration, two skimmers, the sump and an extra connection for cleaning the pool. I have added this because, through experience, it´s much easier to clean the pool using a separate connection rather than using the skimmer (better suction).

Could you let me know what shape pool stairs you would like. e.g. curved or square?