In this method of plastering a special plaster is used, it has been designed to set quickly after being sprayed on, it is called Yeso Projeccion or Yeso Rapido. When plastering by hand a slow setting plaster must be used, this is called Yeso Lento. A thin top coat of a very fine plaster must be applied after to give the final high quality professional finish. Then when it has completely dried after a week or so you can give the surface a fine sand before painting.

The plaster is sprayed on under compression using a three phase electric generator and plaster pump that is built in to the mixer. The plaster runs through the rubber hose to the spray gun and the plasterer gives the wall an even coat of plaster. Within minutes it has to be leveled and smoothed before it sets. Then after about half an hour the plasterers fill any remaining holes and make the final preparations for the thin topcoat finish.

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