Good heating system in warm climate

Lanzarote is the fourth largest island in the Canaries, which is an archipelago situated just off the north west coast of Africa. In respect to its close proximity to the continent, Lanzarote experiences warm mild weather throughout the year. Indeed, during the summer months temperatures will often soar above 30 celsius, whilst in the winter months the average is approximately 20-25 celsius. Even winter nights do not typically fall below 10 celsius.

Nevertheless, perhaps a much hotter and more uncomfortable climate would be expected of a destination just 127 kilometres away from the Sahara desert! Lanzarote offers such a pleasant climate predominantly because of the winds and ocean current affecting the area. The north easterly trade winds are typically quite cool, which helps to lower the overall temperature especially in summer, whilst the Canary Current brings in colder waters that serve to temper the heat that would normally be experienced at Lanzarote`s latitude.

Furthermore, Lanzarote does not experience heavy rainfall. In fact, due to its relatively flat landscape, Lanzarote receives only limited rain, most of which occurs in the winter months. As such, it can be said that, although Lanzarote is situated close to extremely hot desert conditions, its climatic conditions make for pleasantly mild to warm weather throughout the year. But what about heating?

Just because Lanzarote is warm does not mean that those residing on the island can forego all forms of heating. Indeed, after a hot summer it is normal to feel a little chilly once the cooler winter air arrives. Nevertheless, temperatures are not often low enough to justify traditional large scale, expensive and environmentally damaging heating appliances. This is why one of the most suitable types of product available on the market for a climate such as Lanzarote`s is that of underfloor heating.

When choosing floor heating for a warm weather climate, it is important to note that efficiency is crucially important – especially where fuel sources are expensive. This is where underfloor heating mats are the ideal solution, as their relatively low power consumption (160–200 Watts), floor temperature sensor and digital thermostat combine to provide just the right heat at affordable costs.

Additionally, floor heating can go over stone floors and act as an underlay for floating floors such as laminate. Underfloor heating mats are cheap, safe, easy to install and produce sufficient heating without excessive power consumption.

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