Bathroom Renovation Ideas – From Vision to Reality

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Bathroom Renovation Ideas. Are you tired of the look of your current bathroom layout? Do you want to give it a new look? If yes, then you are one out of the million homeowners looking for a professional bathroom renovation. In fact, the bathroom is probably the most overlooked part of the home. This is

Doors and windows are being installed

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We have just started the kitchen extension. The aluminium doors and windows have been fitted. The carpentry has been delivered and the internal doors are being fitted. Bathroom tiles are now all finished and we have started to tile the floors.

Building Your Own Home

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  This article was written and distributed by the Federation of Master Builders, the building industry's largest trade organisation, representing over 13,000 small and medium-sized companies throughout the UK. If you'd like to know more about the FMB, or would like to find a reputable builder, try the Find a Builder web site at:

Don’t Be a Victim of a Cowboy Builder

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Cowboy builders are the bane of the construction industry. There are, on average, at least 100,000 complaints every year about them. They ruin things for perfectly reputable builders, and for all the talk about them, they’re in the minority – it just happens to be a minority that gets a lot of publicity. Cowboy builders

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