During the property boom, a great many investors bought purpose-built one and two bed-roomed flats as investments to let out.

When the property bubble burst, it was such apartments that fell most sharply in value simply due to the fact here were s many of them. And, of course, there still are.

As the after-shocks of the property meltdown work their way through the system, there remains a glut of such properties on the market – whether for rental purposes or for sale.

What this means is that there is a huge choice available for buyers and renters in certain parts of the country – where supply exceeds demand. And many of these properties are broadly similar. In other words, there really isn’t much to choose between them. So if you have one of these properties that you’re trying to seller to rent out, then there are few variables to go at to make a difference beyond price and presentation.

So if your asking price for sale or for rent is realistic and competitive, the rest is down to how you present your flat to sell. Now many buyers think they can see through the veneer of furnishings and décor to the basic structure underneath, but the fact is that this works at a more subliminal level. If your flat is presented better, it will give prospective buyers a better feeling and be more likely to sell.

So do all the things you would like to have done yourself if you were staying in it forever; decorate it perfectly, fill it full of beautiful furnishings (as you’ll be able to take them with you anyway) and de-clutter the place.

You should be able to pick up some great bargains from Harveys furniture to get te place looking perfect.

The right choice of beds, tables, sofas, curtains and flooring, in particular, can really help transform your flat and trounce the competition.