The massaging action of a spa will accelerate the healing process for aches and pains. Warm, swirling water reduces stress and allows you to rest, giving a better night’s sleep by refreshing your body and mind to tackle the day.

Our spas offer the following therapeutic benefits:-

Arthritis: in painful or inflamed joints causes muscles to tense in an effort to protect them from further damage. Sufferers will find that warm water and hydrotherapy will help to relax tense muscles and allow a greater range of motion in the joints.

Buoyancy: is a key element of relaxation and stress relief. It helps to overcome the effect of gravity and relieves stress on the joints.

Exercise: can cause microscopic tears in the muscle, and lactic acid build-up. The warm massaging action of a spa will accelerate the healing process.

Sleep: warm swirling water reduces stress and allows you to rest and get a better night’s sleep.

Pain relief: endorphins are natural painkillers for the body. Warm water stimulates their release.


The spa experience is designed to please all your senses. Has a scent ever drifted by that brings you back to your childhood or rekindles the memory of a special person in your life? Our sense of smell is hugely influential on our feeling of wellbeing, and aromatherapy harnesses that power through scented beads that create an instant aromatic mood.

Breathe deep, relax and allow spirit-lifting scents to simply take your cares away and transport you to another time and place. The combination of the warm rhythmic water and the scented air will completely relax you.



The combination of buoyancy, heat and massage gives the mind and body a sensation that relaxes and also heals. The warm soothing massage will relax your muscles, soothe your mind and promote a good night’s sleep. Hydrotherapy is an excellent aid to keeping the body repaired and in a calm state, promoting a longer and healthier life.

Exercise and physical activity are often promoted as essential to a long and healthy life. However, this can often put a strain on the body- just 15 minutes in a spa can make you feel considerably better, enabling your muscles to start its recouperation period.

With the jets carefully positioned for maximum effect, our models will give you a complete therapeutic experience relaxing both mind and body. The effect of buoyancy along with the warm swirling water will increase blood flow and aid circulation, reducing muscle strain and pain and promote a natural healing process.

The hydrotherapy is a result of the warm water bubbling and pulsating on the body, helping to remove any strains and tension. The massaging features of the jets will target aching muscles and joints. Hydrotherapy and spas are healthy and safe for the whole family.


There are few things that come close to comparing with the joy and pleasure that can be gained from relaxing and unwinding in a warm, bubbling hot tub! Very quickly the day’s worries evaporate- be they work, children, housework or just tiredness.

Regular use of a hot tub has been medically proven as healthy, relaxing and fun. Warm, soothing water flow and pulsating, invigorating jet streams can deliver hydrotherapy benefits to every part of your body, which will help to release the stress and strain of a busy lifestyle.

Benefits of owning a hot tub include:-

Relieves tension and stress
Soothes migraine and arthritic pains
Relieves aching and tired muscles
Brings families together
Helps rekindle romance and friendships
Aids sleep, work and play
Because each individual needs a different type of hydrotherapy, a good quality hot tub will have a variety of sizes and type of jet. These vary from precise narrow streams for pinpoint accuracy to powerful wide body streams. Many jets can be individually adjusted to enable targeting of particular spots.

Specific areas of a hot tub and sometimes each individual seat can be adjusted to allow gentle, medium or hard massages. Alternatively, the jets can be turned off completely for when you just want to lay back and leisurely soak in the warm water.

A choice of different types of seats completes the “customised” experience for the bather.


The therapeutic benefits of hot water and massage have been recognised the world over for centuries, right back to the Ancient Egyptians over 4000 years ago. Water healing is one of the oldest methods of treatment and is used to help a number of health issues such as:-

Back pain
Muscle tears and weakness
Prementstrual tension
Poor sleep pattens
Having a hot tub in your home or garden gives you the flexibility and freedom to enjoy these benefits whenever you choose.

A hydromassage is one of the most enjoyable ways of gaining some relief from common modern day ailments such as migraines or arthritis. The effect of the massage, heat and buoyancy is to stimulate the release of the body’s natural painkiller- endorphins, as well as promoting the production of white blood corpuscles. It will also increase the elasticity of collagen tissue to help with the symptoms of rheumatism and arthritis.

Immersing in hot bubbling water will reduce body weight by up to 90%, taking much of the pressure off those tired and aching joints and muscles.

Relieving muscle tension and stress will help to provide deep and restful sleep patterns and can also help to reduce migraine severity and frequency. Improving blood flow will help to carry nutrients and oxygen to tired joints and muscles, and help also to reduce body toxins.

Using a hot tub before your nightime sleep can help greatly in coping with the modern day’s busy schedules by helping to unwind both mentally and physically.


Water jets certainly provide a more powerful massage than air jets. However, air can also
provide a therapeutic massage, many spas use heated air that is blown into the spa to create a bubblier and gentler massage than water jets.


Our spas are made in the USA and Canada, and are designed for all year round use in the harshest of climates. Many customers use our spas in temperatures rarely seen in the UK- in the snow in minus 20-30 degrees centigrade!


Based on 1 hour’s use per day at around 80 degrees Centigrade, and at 10 pence per kilowatt hour electricity cost, our average sized spas should cost around £4 per week to run.


Ozone is nature’s most powerful purifier. It is most commonly used to purify our drinking water because it removes organic contaminants, pathogens, metal particles and leaves no chemical residues in the water.

Using an ozonator will greatly help to keep the water in your spa in pristine condition as well as reducing chemical usage.


The combination of hydrotherapy and scent stimulation is a powerful weapon in soothing the body and mind. The power of scent is widely accepted and used as a natural therapy and can positively alter your state of mind. Many of our spas have an aromatherapy system that allows you to add fragrance to the spa water, providing an enhanced bathing experience.