The Benefits of Hot Tubs

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RELIEVE STRESS AND PAIN The massaging action of a spa will accelerate the healing process for aches and pains. Warm, swirling water reduces stress and allows you to rest, giving a better night's sleep by refreshing your body and mind to tackle the day. Our spas offer the following therapeutic benefits:- Arthritis: in painful or

Swimming pools over the ages

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It is interesting to look at an old swimming pool to see the way that they have changed over the years and compare it to today’s modern pool. A very good benefactor by the name of George Lawrence built a lido or outdoor swimming pool just prior to the last World War in the Peak

Give a little thought to landscaping

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Some people move in with set ideas for their garden. They build a pool or dig up the lawn before they’ve even unpacked their bags. But most garden design takes much longer. And so it should, because designing a garden is a process of assessing your family's needs in terms of outdoor space and considering

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