The Plasterers in Action

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In this method of plastering a special plaster is used, it has been designed to set quickly after being sprayed on, it is called Yeso Projeccion or Yeso Rapido. When plastering by hand a slow setting plaster must be used, this is called Yeso Lento. A thin top coat of a very fine plaster must

Playa Blanca client update

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The plastering is now finished in the first villa.   This has brightened it up and you can get the feel of what the villa will look like finished. We have nearly finished the damp proofing and are ready to start rendering the front walls leading down to the basements.     Natura Design S.L. 

Playa Blanca villa construction project for Natura Design.

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We are now clearing the site with the digger and bringing in back fill to raise the ground levels around the villas and bring up the levels for the swimming pools.      The rendering is nearly finished for the second villa and we are raising the block-work walls leading to the basement.     

Builders Lanzarote – Playa Blanca Project

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Natura Design -Lanzarote Builders We have started to build the internal walls for the second villa and our electrician is installing the plastic conduits, plug and switch sockets for the electrics to be run through at the final stage of building, when the villas are nearly completed.     The plumbing has been installed for

Playa Blanca villa construction update.

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On the first new villa construction we have built the parapets and screeded the roof, allowing sufficient fall for the water to drain away. This is a time consuming process but must be done correctly to ensure that there are no future problems concerning drainage and leaky roofs. It is also very important to finish

Electical Instilation

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All the acro props have been removed bar a few and we have started to chop out the walls for the electrical conduits. The Lounge                      The Kitchen      The View from the Kitchen into the sitting room. The view from the lounge into the Kitchen.

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